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S.A.F.E - Svojas Assured Food Experience

S.A.F.E is the Svojas way of establishing food quality standards. At Svojas Farms, food Quality & Safety is core to our being.

Our Features

Curbs blood sugar level

With a low glycemic index (GI) value, millets are experimentally proven to stabilize blood sugar levels. Regular millet consumption can help you recover from diabetes & other related diseases. Never compromise your health!

Towards a healthy heart

Never risk heart health! Millets have proven to control the deposition of bad cholesterol within blood vessels and bring down the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Food Safety and Traceability

Our products are empowered by blockchain traceability solutions from TraceX that are labelled with QR codes which showcase the journey of the product from source to consumption, assuring you of a trustworthy and safe product.

Controls obesity

Does obesity disturb you? Including gluten-free millets in the diet plan can cut short the chances of fat accumulation and makes you fit and strong. A proven fact!

Improves skin health

Millets are scientifically proven to improve skin health. The presence of niacin & Vitamin E enhances skin complexion. The anti-oxidants penetrate the skin's layers and support natural healing. Try millets, stay fresh!

Tastes good!

At the end of the day, everyone prefers taste. Svojas has improvised millet products into healthy & tasty snacks attracting children and elders equally. A perfect choice for health & taste!


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To implement a healthy food culture by sourcing naturally grown, locally available superfoods and promoting the concept of 'Sustainable agriculture' by supporting environment-friendly agricultural practices.


To be the leading provider of plant-based healthy food alternatives derived from naturally grown and locally sourced ingredients.


As a social and economically responsible company, Svojas aims at providing gluten-free plant-based food alternatives and to focus on locally produced sustainable & natural sources.

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