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Millet Starter Kit


Introducing the Svojas Farms Millet Starter Kit – your complete solution for improving quality of life, through food. This comprehensive one month program is perfect to get you started on the Millet journey.

Why Millets?? Well, these Smart Grains are the Superfood that contains loads of Nutrition, is Gluten-Free, rich in Protein, Fiber & Complex Carbs. Keeps you fit & Full for longer. Ideal for anyone who is seeking to manage Body weight related issues, Irregular blood sugar levels, Diabetes & ADHD kind of health predicaments Mostly, Millet is great for anyone who wants to get fitter.

Programme Includes:
1. Curated millet-based meal suggestions
2. 30+ servings of breakfast and lunch options
3. Millet guide –  E-book with benefits and recipes

Ideal For:
* Those starting a weight loss journey
* Those looking to regulate blood sugar levels

Recommended For:
* Those looking for a sustainable and balanced diet
* Those following a fitness routine and needing quality protein and complex carbs in their meals

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to improve your quality of life – grab our Millet Starter Kit for just ₹999 (originally ₹1500).

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