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Health Benefits of Foxtail Millet

What is Foxtail Millet

Foxtail Millet (Setaria italica) is an oldest crop. The best available foxtail millets brands extensively cultivated in some regions in Asia and Africa. Some economically developed countries also cultivating millets where it is commonly using to feed birds.


This article presents a comprehensive review of the physicochemical and health-functional properties of foxtail millet. Foxtail millet contains significant levels of protein, fiber, mineral, and phytochemicals. Anti-nutrients such as phytic acid and tannin contains in this millet is capable to reduced negligible levels by using suitable processing methods. Millets also reported to possess hypolipidemic, low-glycemic index, and antioxidant characteristics.


This review concludes that, like most millet varieties, foxtail millet remains under-utilized as a food source. It is however receiving increased research and commercial attention, especially because its cultivation is not too demanding from point of view of agricultural inputs, and it can grow in difficult terrains. It would be reasonable to surmise that foxtail millet has a promising role to play in enhancing nutritional and food security.



Health Benefits of Foxtail Millets.

People focused to street foods in which they are gaining more weight and get obese by abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health. Let’s change our eating habits with replaced with Foxtail Millet to get more nutrients and stay healthy. Order Now The Best Foxtail Millet from Svojas Farms.

Foxtail Millets are a good choice to replace your regular food with. In each single grain it filled with many nutrients which help you to improve your health.

Foxtail Millets having large quantity of nutrients which includes protein content which is very close to that of wheat.

In addition, they are rich in with Vitamin B, mainly niacin, B6 and folacin, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc also. Foxtail Millet


Why Foxtail Millet Recommended

Apart from Asian and African countries, foxtail millet is now receiving increased attention.
in other parts of the world, it can enter the daily diet in various forms, including porridge, ready-to-eat snacks, and beverages.

Milling of foxtail millet leads to the concentration of functional components, which can be then suitably used in large-scale. Foxtail millet flour Milled flour Concentrated components like proteins, soluble dietary fibers, phytic acid, polyphenols and gluten free. Each foxtail millet grains filled with the most essential and important minerals and vitamins which boost our immunity. Be conscious on your health and understand the health benefits of Foxtail Millets and get the best Foxtail millet deal from Svojas Organic Product.

Live Healthy with Svojas Organic Products

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