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About Us

Established in the year 2021 and women-owned, Svojas Farms is a super active health concerned group of people that aims at introducing nutritious millets into people’s food culture and promoting chemical-free sustainable agriculture. Junk foods can be tempting, but eating such unhealthy food can cause a whole host of health issues. We aim to replace unhealthy food with new, healthy ones and plan to bring up a non-junky generation!.
We serve millets at workplaces, supermarkets, and bakeries throughout Kerala. An excellent source of nutrition, which we can get very easily and freely, from our farmlands, yet largely ignored by the people. Most of the lifestyle diseases are accompanying humans and lead us to death. Millet, though an integral part of our diet for many generations, has been all but forgotten till recently. Millet can be traced as far back as the Stone Age and, many varieties of millets can be found from Indus Valley Civilization. It will be interesting to know that the staple food of ancient India was millet and not rice. According to traditional medical terms, millet supports digestion, harmonizes the stomach, and allows better sleep.

Millet is a starchy, protein-rich grain food habit. Its nutritional profile includes high protein, fiber, and antioxidant contents which ensure bone health, blood vessel and muscular contractions, and proper nerve function. Rich in phenolic compounds, these molecules act as antioxidants to protect your body from harmful oxidative stress. The soluble fiber content in millet produces a viscous substance that helps to reduce cholesterol levels. Since millet is a gluten-free grain, making it is a great choice for people with celiac diseases.


A group of creative people focussing on bringing new concepts and products to your table.

Health conscious

The team is pledged to provide healthy products to the customers without any compromise!


As a team, Svojas is trying to bring quality products and the hard work pays off with customer satisfaction!


Nothing distracts the team Svojas from providing healthy products. It's a promise!

The happy faces!

Struggles and hardships doesn't demotivate us. We face everything with a smile, even failure!

The team with a plan!

As a team, Svojas sticks to the vision and creates an organized plan to establish them.

Our Team

A perfect team with unique talents in their own fields joined together to create a better tomorrow!

Mini Srinivasan


Mini Srinivasan, embarked on the path of healthy food alternatives based on Millets and other superfoods. With a Master’s in Commerce and work experience in quality, she comes with deep industry roots with well-maintained relationships with producers and suppliers. She did certified courses on millets and its value-added products by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Also completed the Vanaprastham course of MG university on Ecology and lifestyle with first rank

Preethi P Nair


Preethi is a chartered accountant with 12+ years of experience across multinational organizations both within and outside India. She has traveled to various countries and loves tasting new flavours. She endeavors to bring her experience in finance and her love for flavours to Svojas.

Vidhya KS


An MSW graduate who has worked on various social projects with various NGOs under the Government of Kerala and is leading a Charitable society. With her strong leadership abilities, she connects with like-minded people and aids in creating awareness about the importance of healthy food habits.

Deepak Meempat


With over 15 years of experience, Deepak has been in some of the top MNC’s. Deepak brings to the table solid operational and financial expertise with hands-on experience in Project Management and CMA certification.



As a Commerce graduate, Rakesh has over 20 years of experience in the field of sales. Currently working under an MNC, Rakesh serves his best in bringing up customer-friendly ideas of sales & marketing for Svojas. A dedicated team player with a passion for photography, trekking, riding and Yoga.

Rohini Prasad


The rank holder at the University of Mysore for PG in Food Science and nutrition. Rohini also completed a certification course from the International Diabetes Federation for Diabetes Educator. She excelled in the 10+ years of experience in preventive health care and dietary management in metabolic diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, thyroid disorders etc. The best nutritionist a team could have!

Ajay Prakash


A photographer with extensive exposure to product photography and wildlife photography. Ajay brings to you his best creations relating to food products that satisfy your mind and soul.

Nihal Sreedhar


A passionate writer with a good talent in communication & writing. With the spark in writings, Nihal provides clear and crisp description about the products which makes customers understand the true value of Svojas



A BA Economics holder with BLISC and Masters in Library Information Science. With her experience, Jayasree manages the warehouse process & accounts of Svojas.